Room Accoustics

These days, more and more people wish to have a home cinema. This is more so in the case of folks who have immense amount of space in their house and considerable funds to shell out on installing home cinema. Such individuals are willing to invest a big sum to enjoy the pleasure of cinema at their home. However, it is extremely important to take into account the science of room acoustics before installing house cinema. Even a well designed house cinema may perform poorly in a badly designed house. The drive to relish the pleasure of a real cinema at your home could quickly transform into a nightmare if you fail to consider the economics of room acoustics. 

The science of room acoustics

The prime issue with a house cinema installations is excessive reverberation time. Reverberation time is the time required for a sound to dissipate in a room. Just imagine that you are standing in an empty room with ceilings and hard floors. Now clap your hands the sound will echo for quite a long time before going off. The reason behind this is the sound reflects the walls and floors before it decays. Now imagine that you are standing in your carpeted bedroom. Clap your hands, and you will find that the sound does not echo for a long time and decays quickly.

Extra information about home cinema installation

The main reason why the sound decays quickly in this room is the carpet and the bed absorb the sound. In simple words, a bedroom with a carpet floor has a low reverberation time than an empty room. Therefore, if you want to enjoy high quality cinema at your home, you need to get rid of the excessive reverberation time. Changing the shape of the room is one such way to get rid of this issue. Having an octagon shape room is a preferable choice while installing house cinema in the room.

However, if you do not want to change the shape of the room, you may buy acoustic panels. These panels include acoustic substrate finished in a fabric. The fabric absorbs the wave (sound) and reduces the reverberation time. Besides this, be sure that the size of the room is big so that you can accommodate all of your loved ones to enjoy cinema at your home. Above all, make sure that the room is located at the corner part of your home. All these things will ensure that you will cherish cinema at your residence with virtually no kind of issue.

Closing words

Installing house cinema can be pleasurable and entertaining. However, you need to consider room acoustics in order to make the most out of house cinema. Without proper room acoustics, even a well designed house cinema could perform poorly. So make sure you take into account these vital parameters in great detail. If you take time and install home cinema in the light of correct house acoustics, you will definitely enjoy the best entertaining experience at your house.